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Open Source alternatives to privacy  invading services
Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We believe that the modern web is overrun by companies offering a plethora of privacy invading "free" services.

Unfortunately, too many people in our society today don't know or realized that "The Cloud" is just a concept. What does it mean to store your pictures, documents, memories in the cloud?

It simply means that you are allowing your personal information to be stored on someone elses computer. Most of the time this is a major corporation who makes the majority of their money, selling your personal information to others without your knowledge or consent.

Our Mission
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Our mission is to build quality, simple, clean, open source alternatives to many popular free and freemium services on the market. We believe by leveraging existing open source solutions and thinking outside of the box, we can begin to move beyond the data/money hungry corporations and help contribute to a decentralized web.

Where you as an individual can be in control of your data and personal information, without sacraficing a great user experience and conveneince.

Self Destructing Messages

Sometimes you just want to be able to send someone information that should not be permenately stored on a server somewhere. Let's say you want to send login credentials for your bank account to your spouse. You could send it through email, but there is a good chance of it being intercepted and read somewhere along the way without your knowledge.

Not too mention the fact that you have control over how long that information will be stored. oSnaps seeks to solve this problem. Think of it like SnapChat but for the web. *(Currently only supports text)

When you generate a link through oSnaps, the message is encrypted and stored in memory on the server. As soon as the link is visited, the message is permanately erased. oSnaps relies solely on Redis with no other database backend.

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URL Shortener

A simple, lightweight, lightning fast URL shortener powered by AdonisJS. Use our free hosted version, or get the code from Github and host it yourself:

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Coming Soon

openPass is an open source password manager modeled after LastPass. Development is well underway and an alpha version should be ready in the coming weeks.
(as of 1580606324524 See what we did there!?)

Initially it will come in a "cloud hosted" version on our servers but we encourage you to host it yourself. In addition to the openPass web app, we also plan on releasing a Chrome extension.

The alpha release will include registration/login functionality as well as the ability to import passwords via a csv file (in LastPass format).

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